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Success Stories

Charity's life has significantly changed since her suiting at Dress for Success Southern Nevada. She is an example of a client who's come to Dress for Success with the intent to land a job in her preferred field and succeeded.

Charity did not have an easy start to her journey toward a career. It was not too long ago that she was a single mother with only dreams for her baby girl and herself. Charity sought assistance from Safe Nest, which helped her get back on her feet after being a victim to domestic violence and referred her to Dress for Success Southern Nevada.

The image consultant who worked with Charity could also give her insight into her desired career industry as her husband worked at a local mortuary. Following her suiting, Charity began her job search right away. During her search, Dress for Success Southern Nevada set her up with a mentor who was a mortician for over 20 years and who could help Charity find the best fitting profession within a mortuary.

Shortly after, Charity was hired as a funeral director at Desert Memorial in Las Vegas. Since being hired a few short months ago, her life has dramatically changed. Charity was able get off public assistance, purchase a vehicle and provide more than ever for her young daughter.

"I am happy to be in a spot in my life where I am learning from experienced people. It satisfies me spiritually, intellectually and financially," said Charity.

Felicia, a single mother of three, came to Dress for Success Southern Nevada to get suited for a job interview at a financial management company. Thanks to the experience she had at Dress for Success, Felicia had the confidence and appropriate attire for her interview. She got the job, came back for enough professional attire to get through the first pay period and was on her way to a new career. Now, she is planning to go back to school and no longer needs government assistance. Learn more about Felicia and Dress for Success Southern Nevada as highlighted by Fox 5:

Fox 5 News interviews Paula Lawrence, executive director of Dress for Success Southern Nevada and Felicia, a Las Vegas client who started a new career after her suiting.