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Thank Yous

We are grateful to the following women, who have donated their time and expertise to provide our PWG members with valuable information, training and tools:

  • January 2015: Gerry Blight “Feeding a Family on a Budget”
  • December 2014: Theresa Anderson “Tips to Stay on Budget During the Holidays”
  • November 2014: Kim Groberg  “Professional Image for Work Holiday Party"
  • October 2014: Linda Hartwig “SMART Goal Setting
  • September 2014: PWG Committee “Networking in a Professional Environment”
  • August 2014: Marsha MacEacern, Aisha Kasmir, Claudia Magana, Danielle Alvarez “How To Use Social Media”
  • July 2014: Tamara Woodard “Creating the Professional Image”
  • June 2014: Joyce Boissell “Principal of the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • May 2014: Nadine Jones, Dolores Campuzano and Lezlie Young "Perspectives on Leadership and Success"
  • April 2014: Ma’Kha Uzuri "Loving Yourself First"
  • March 2014: Jodi Mobley "Help Getting Your Finances in Order"
  • February 2014: Marc Fish "Getting the Facts on the Health Care Laws"
  • January 2014: Julie Brander "Goal Setting and Time Management"
  • November 2013: Sheila McCall and Elaine Bucy "How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking"
  • October 2013: Carrie Cook "Balancing Life and Family"
  • September 2013: PWG Committee "Networking in a Professional Environment"
  • August 2013: Petrece Pence "Building a Financial Relationship"
  • July 2013: Michelle O’Hala "Stress Reduction"
  • June 2013: Mary Ann Sena “Rules of the Workplace, Written and Unwritten”
  • May 2013: Pat Sutherland “Conflict Resolution” 
  • April 2013: Theresa Anderson “Finding Your Perfect Career”
  • March 2013: Brenda Prinzavalli “Getting Yourself Organized”
  • February 2013: Meri Griffin “Professional Make up Tips”
  • January 2013: Theresa Anderson “Personal Finances
  • December 2012: Brandy Ornelas “Fabulous Foundations
  • November 2012: Stephanie Murphy “Holiday Fashion fit for the Office Party”
  • October 2012:  Ella Roberts “Social Networking”